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New Discovery of Stone Labyrinths in Western Maharashtra, India : Sachin Bhagwan Patil & P.D. Sabale report important new discoveries from India

Keeping Kern Current: Locating ‘Lost’ Labyrinths in Medieval Manuscripts : Jill K.H. Geoffrion & Alain Pierre Louët search the library archives

Hedge Mazes in Portugal: A Brief History : Carlos Soreto presents a history of Portuguese mazes and details two particular examples in Oporto

The Surroundings of the Rösaring Labyrinth : Heather Robertson describes this important Swedish stone labyrinth and records the work of its official guide, Börje Sandén, who died recently

Historic Turf Maze Sites in Wales : Jonathan Mullard looks for possible sites of turf labyrinths now long gone

From Jerusalem to Troyborg: The Labyrinth Name Change of the North : Christina Fagerström explores the origins of two popular labyrinth names

Simple Alternating Transit Mazes : Richard Myers Shelton studies the structure of classical and Roman labyrinths and records the work of the late Wiktor Daszewski

A Mysterious Medieval Maiden : Jill K.H. Geoffrion & Alain Pierre Louët examine an unusual medieval manuscript labyrinth and its surprising inhabitant

The Minnie’s Gap Labyrinths : Kirk Astroth reports on two labyrinths from Wyoming, USA

Notes & Queries : an inscribed powder horn from the American War of Independence, a labyrinth in a temple in Myanmar, a labyrinth on an 18th century English sampler and the “Modern Labyrinth” ca. 1900


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Caerdroia 50 - the Journal of Mazes & Labyrinths

The 50th edition is now available and contains articles on mazes and labyrinths from various corners of the world – four recently discovered stone labyrinths in Western India, a catalogue of medieval manuscript labyrinths not documented in Hermann Kern’s Through the Labyrinth and a look at one especially unusual example, historic hedge mazes in Portugal, the Rösaring stone labyrinth in Sweden, possible turf maze sites in Wales, the names of labyrinths in northern Europe, the structure of classical and Roman labyrinths, two labyrinths in Wyoming, one in Myanmar, another on a stitched sampler from England and a fascinating example on a powder horn from the American War of Independence – as always a packed and diverse edition. Two of the articles this time around also remember researchers sadly no longer with us, Börje Sandén and Wiktor Daszewski a reminder, should it be needed, of the importance of recording our research and ideas for future workers in the field.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 50 - July 2021

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