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The Labyrinthos Archive

The following articles are a mixture of items from various sections of our extensive archives, reproduced in PDF format. Included here are guides to labyrinths and mazes in specific regions and locations, introductions to specific labyrinthine topics, reprints of historic papers long out of print, and various other items that are frequently requested, simply interesting or worthy of an audience. You may also want to check our Maze & Labyrinth Location Links page.

Here then are the articles so far archived for your perusal. You are very welcome to open and read these, and also to download them for personal use. For permission to reproduce these articles in any form, please contact us for permissions and procedures.

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Please note: all of these articles are copyright Labyrinthos/individual authors as appropriate. While you are welcome to print a copy for personal use, unauthorised reproduction and circulation is prohibited without permission from Labyrinthos. Please contact the editors if you wish to reproduce any of these articles for workshops, publication or use on other websites.

As we gradually convert much of our archive collection to digital format we will have much more to add to this section of the website - check back for updates…  

Location Guides

English Turf Labyrinths.pdf

English Turf Labyrinths

An illustrated guide to the historic turf mazes on village greens and hilltops in England.

English Church Labyrinths.pdf

Historic English Church Labyrinths

An illustrated guide to the labyrinths (and mazes) in English churches and cathedrals.

The Labyrinth in Ireland.pdf

The Labyrinth in Ireland

An illustrated guide to the historic labyrinths of the Emerald Isle.

Gotland Trojaborgs.pdf

Gotland Trojaborgs

An illustrated guide to the numerous labyrinths on the beautiful Swedish island of Gotland.

Nordic Church Labyrinths.pdf

Nordic Church Labyrinths

John Kraft & Jeff Saward's illustrated guide to the labyrinth frescos and graffiti in Scandinavia churches.

The Isles of Scilly Troy Towns

Jeff Saward's study of the history and guide to the stone labyrinths and mazes on these islands in the far southwest of Britain - reproduced from Caerdroia 47.

Studies and Introductions

Labyrinth Typology.pdf

Mazes or Labyrinths?

What's the difference and what types are there? Terminology and typology.

Chartres FAQs.pdf

The Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth FAQ's

As one of the best-known examples in the world, much has been written and said about the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral. But what is fact and what fiction?

The Chaldon Labyrinths.pdf

The Chaldon Labyrinths

Early 18th century labyrinth and fylfot graffiti situated in a mine, deep beneath the Surrey countryside.

First Labyrinths.pdf

The First Labyrinths

The early history of the labyrinth symbol, from rock art to Roman mosaics.

Labyrinth Story.pdf

The Story of the Labyrinth

An introduction to the history of the labyrinth symbol.

C47 Scilly Troytowns.pdf