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The Llwydiarth Hall Labyrinth : Jeff Saward reports a new discovery from Wales

Labyrinth and Magi in the Íslenska Teiknibókin : Peter L. Evans examines two labyrinths in Icelandic manuscripts

Medieval Marvels: Fifty-Three Eleven-Circuit Manuscript Labyrinths : Jill K.H. Geoffrion & Alain Pierre Louët look at an extensive group of manuscripts produced prior to 1500

The Celestial Spheres and the Labyrinth of Chartres : Richard J. Legault considers the Chartres labyrinth as a symbol of the medieval concept of celestial spheres

Medieval Labyrinths in Northern Russia : Vyacheslav Mizin suggests an origin for an unusual labyrinth design in Russia

Jerusalem Place-names and the Baltic Labyrinths : Christina Fagerström looks at the connection between labyrinths and pilgrimage routes leading from the Baltic Sea

The Babylonian Labyrinths – an update : Richard Myers Shelton examines some newly published additions to the catalogue of clay tablets from the Near East

How RPG Dungeons Got Their Doors : Griffith Mon Morgan III explores the early history of maze maps and doorways in Dungeons and Dragons role playing games

Notes & Queries : A Red Sulphur Labyrinth


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Caerdroia 49 - the Journal of Mazes & Labyrinths

Delayed by the Covid-19 disruption, the 49th edition, marking the 40th anniversary of the founding of Caerdroia, is now finally available and contains articles on mazes and labyrinths from various corners of the world – a recently discovered earthwork in Wales, manuscript labyrinths from Iceland, an extensive study of 11-circuit labyrinths in medieval manuscripts, the connection between labyrinths and celestial spheres in medieval thought, the origin of an unusual labyrinth in Arctic Russia, the use of Jerusalem place names in connection with labyrinths in Germany and the southern Baltic, newly published labyrinthine designs on Babylonian clay tablets, a look at the maze maps that were created for early versions of the popular Dungeons and Dragons games and a tiny sulphur labyrinth in the Labyrinthos Archive  – as always a packed and diverse edition.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 49 - May 2020

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