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Two Labyrinths on English Needlework Samplers : Kimberly and Jeff Saward unravel the details of two tiny stitched labyrinths from Yorkshire, England

The Stone Labyrinths of the North : Christer Westerdahl presents his theory for the dating and function of coastal stone labyrinths in Scandinavia

Dating the Stone Labyrinths of Arctic Russia : Vyacheslav Mizin explains his theory why the stone labyrinths in the Russian North are not as old as often assumed

The Labyrinth and Lo-Shu : Roberto Milazzi explores the connections between the seed patterns of labyrinths and the origin of magic squares

Reappraising the Bayeux Labyrinth : Thorn Steafel examines the topographic structure of this unusual labyrinth in Normandy

The First Ice Mazes : Jeff Saward digs around in the archives for some surprisingly early, if ephemeral, mazes built from ice during the late 19th century

Notes and Queries : a commemorative medallion for Gonzalo Pérez; two medieval labyrinths discovered in Italy; temple pavement labyrinths in Amritsar and Nanded, India; The Labyrinth Society

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Caerdroia 43 - the Journal of Mazes & Labyrinths

The 43rd edition of Caerdroia contains two important papers on stone labyrinths in Northern Europe, and details of a number of ‘new’ labyrinth discoveries.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 43 - May 2014

 - Contents -

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