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Other Back Issues

Back issues prior to Caerdroia 39 are now in very limited supply, but we keep a box of those earlier editions in the stock cupboard for those keen to acquire specific editions. Caerdroia 38, 37 and 33 are now out of print, as are all editions prior to Caerdroia 29.

We are gradually converting some of the more important and interesting articles in some of these out of print editions into downloadable PDF’s - available in our Caerdroia Archive section on this website, but if you are looking for a specific edition, ask us and we will take a look in the stock box!

The following are still available, but in very limited numbers:

Caerdroia 36: Labyrinths in Southern India; how to solve a maze; mazes in mystery & detective novels, etc.

Caerdroia 35: 25th anniversary edition: the maze and labyrinth revival; Tomba del Labirinto labyrinth in Sardinia, etc.

Caerdroia 34: Kaufbeuren Wunderkreis restored; the Palatine labyrinth mystery; new labyrinths & mazes worldwide, etc.

Caerdroia 32: Pima baskets; Harmonist labyrinths; Rocky Valley; Netherlands mazes & labyrinths; Sens & Scotland, etc.

Caerdroia 31: Labyrinth 2000 Conference proceedings; restoration of Somerton Troy Town; new discoveries, etc.

Caerdroia 30: Newly discovered labyrinths in Volterra & Rome; Tomba del Labirinto, Sardinia, etc.

Caerdroia 29: Mazes in Australia & NZ; Neolithic cave painting in Sicily; water mazes & more. Reprint edition.

Research Requests

The Caerdroia Index, available on this website, contains a complete catalogue of nearly all items published in Caerdroia since 1981. If you are looking for a copy of a specific article published in an out of print edition, especially for research purposes, we may be able to create a simple PDF scan for you on request, but reserve the right to make a small charge to cover the time involved if necessary.

Digital Downloads

We are also have downloadable high resolution PDF’s of complete editions of Caerdroia (with colour illustrations in many of the more recent editions), and currently have Caerdroia 33 through to Caerdroia 48 available in this format. Unfortunately, due to the vagaries of current digital publication taxation, we can only offer these on request - £4/€5/$6 per edition - if you are interested ask us for details.

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