Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo ©: Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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Books & Publications


Recommended introductions, special studies and guide books, etc.

John Kraft's excellent study of a central motif in labyrinth legend and folklore from around the world.
Abo Akademis, Finland, 1987, 41 pages, 16 figs.
£6 UK, €8 Europe, $15 USA.

MAZES - Ancient & Modern
Robert Field’s splendid introduction to mazes (& labyrinths!), ancient and modern, in Britain and Europe.
Tarquin Publications, 1999, 64 illustrated pages, many in colour - last few copies.
£5 UK, €7 Europe, $13 USA.

108 Ways to Use Labyrinths in Schools
Finally back in print, Gael Hancock’s 2011 edition is packed full of ideas for educational settings. 40 pages.
£7 UK, €9 Europe, $17 USA.



Founded in 1980, Caerdroia is the only specialist journal researching and documenting the history, development and distribution of mazes and labyrinths, from the earliest rock carvings and artefacts to modern puzzle mazes of ever increasing complexity.

The following editions of Caerdroia are currently in print and available:

Caerdroia 28
Mazes & labyrinths in the Netherlands; newly excavated Roman labyrinth in Macedonia, etc. Reprint edition. 60 pages.

Caerdroia 29
Mazes in Australia & NZ; Neolithic cave painting in Sicily; water mazes & more. Reprint edition. 72 pages.

Caerdroia 30
Newly discovered labyrinths in Volterra & Rome; Tomba del Labarinto, Sardinia, etc. 68 pages.

Caerdroia 31
Labyrinth 2000 Conference proceedings; restoration of Somerton Troy Town; new discoveries, etc. 60 pages.

Caerdroia 32
Pima baskets; Harmonist labyrinths, Rocky Valley carvings, Netherlands mazes & labyrinths, Sens & Scotland, etc. 68 pages.

Caerdroia 34
Kaufbeuren Wunderkreis restored, the Palatine labyrinth mystery, new labyrinths & mazes worldwide, etc. 68 pages.

Caerdroia 35
25th anniversary edition: the maze and labyrinth revival, Tomba del Labirinto labyrinth in Sardinia, etc. 68 pages.

Caerdroia 36
Labyrinths in Southern India, how to solve a maze, mazes in mystery & detective novels, etc. 68 pages.

Caerdroia 38
Pebble pavement labyrinths in Spanish churches, petroglyphs in León and Portugal, native labyrinths in the American Southwest, etc. 64 pages.

Caerdroia 39
Von Baer’s stone labyrinths on Weir Island, reconstructing Veneto’s labyrinth, a switching labyrinth installation, the design of Sens, Papago baskets, labyrinth philosophy, etc. 56 pages.

Caerdroia 40
Labyrinth graffiti in Chartres Cathedral, the Alatri labyrinth fresco, New Harmony hedge labyrinth restored, the importance of context, symmetrical labyrinth designs, etc. 56 pages.

Caerdroia 41
Labyrinth inscriptions in Galicia, Saffron Walden turf labyrinth, Visby Trojeborg folklore, Renaissance literary labyrinths, reduced Chartres designs, the mazes in The Shining, etc. 56 pages.

Caerdroia 42
Alatri labyrinth fresco restored; labyrinthine designs on Babylonian tablets; Pont-Chevron labyrinth Roman mosaic, Amazing Hamlet; St. Euverte labyrinth pavement, Orléans; hospice labyrinth in Ayr. 60 pages.

Caerdroia 43
Labyrinths on needlework samplers; dating and function of stone labyrinths in Scandinavia and Arctic Russia; labyrinth and lo-shu; Bayeux labyrinth design; early ice mazes; commemorative medallions; new discoveries in Italy and India, etc. 56 pages.

Caerdroia 44
A Transylvanian Wunderkeis; Minotaurs on medieval manuscripts; stone labyrinths in Finnmark & Arctic Russia; Jerusalem labyrinths; newly discovered labyrinths in India & Italy; maze at ‘the Shining’ hotel; wall graffiti in Chartres Cathedral, etc. 60 pages.

Caerdroia 45
Current edition: the Itchen Stoke labyrinth; doorways on labyrinths in on medieval manuscripts; Gustav Castan’s Mirror Maze patent, early medieval labyrinth designs; newly discovered labyrinths in Bologna, Belfast & India; a labyrinth design on a 19th century carpet, etc. 56 pages.

Caerdroia 46
Forthcoming edition, due out Spring 2017, subscriptions now being taken

Subscription to forthcoming edition (Caerdroia 46): £8 UK, £10/€12 Europe, £12/$20 USA/World.

Current edition (Caerdroia 45): £8 UK, £10/€12 Europe, £12/$20 USA/World.

Back issues: Caerdroia 28 - 44: £8 UK, £10/€12 Europe, £12/$20 USA/World, each edition.

To order the current edition of Caerdroia and/or subscribe to the forthcoming edition please go to our Caerdroia Online Order page.

To order back issues please go to our Caerdroia Back Issue page to order specific editions.


Published by Labyrinthos in co-operation with the Labyrinth Society, and edited by Kimberly & Jeff Saward, Labyrinth Pathways focuses on labyrinths in the fields of Spirituality, Health, and the Arts, to highlight the growing interest in the creative and spiritual aspects of labyrinths. Available to Labyrinth Society members through membership, Labyrinthos has a limited number of copies available, first come, first serve. Note: from edition 7 onwards, Labyrinth Pathways became an online-only publication, available with membership of The Labyrinth Society.

Labyrinth Pathways 1
Labyrinths in Ontario; TLS Writing Competition winners; A Context for Labyrinth Research; TLS 2006 Gathering Retrospective, etc. 32 pages.

Labyrinth Pathways 2
Praying the Labyrinth in the Republic of Congo; Some Sticks & a Spiral; Commonly Reported Effects of Labyrinth Walking; ADHD Children & Finger Labyrinths; TLS Writing Competition winners, etc. 40 pages.

Labyrinth Pathways 3
Bill Godden: A Modern Daedalus; Labyrinth Prayers in Myanmar; Labyrinths, Spirituality & Quality of Life; Around Oxfordshire with a Labyrinth; Poetry from the the Labyrinth, The Arms of the Labyrinth; TLS Writing Competition winners, etc. 40 pages.

Labyrinth Pathways 4
TLS Gathering 2009 Retrospective; Morning Dew Spider Webs; Following Ariadne’s Thread; I Choose to Walk; Labyrinth Women; Crossing the Threshold; A Labyrinth Journal; Trust Your Heart; Having a Baby is Like Walking a Labyrinth; The Journey; Labyrinths in the News; Some Musings on Labyrinth Research; New Harmony to Brooksville; Healing or Heartache?; What Do You Do...?, etc. 36 pages.

Labyrinth Pathways 5
TLS Gathering 2010 Retrospective; Life is Like a Labyrinth; Nature’s Light for the Path; The Labyrinth; The Centre of the Labyrinth; Myth & Memory: Labyrinth as Memoir Guide; Gardner’s Double Appleton; The Recycling Labyrinth; The Troy Ride: A Labyrinth for Horses; Earth Walk Labyrinth 2011; World Labyrinth Day; I’ll Meet You There; etc. 36 pages.

Labyrinth Pathways 6
The Labyrinth; Lighthouse Labyrinths; Labyrinth and Tarot; A Six-Card Labyrinth Tarot Spread; The Blue Labyrinth; Facilitating the Labyrinth; Petaluma Labyrinth; A Miniature Water Labyrinth; Blessing the Sand Labyrinth; etc. 36 pages.

Labyrinth Pathways: £6 UK, £8/€10 Europe, £9/$15 USA/World, each edition.

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By Jeff Saward

Based on over 25 years of research, with the latest discoveries and interpretations, plus many previously unseen colour photographs and illustrations, Labyrinths & Mazes is the comprehensive sourcebook, for researchers, students and enthusiasts, experts and beginners alike. With 224 pages and over 400 photographs and illustrations, plus extensive maps, tables, bibliography, resources and index, Jeff Saward, a world authority on mazes and labyrinths, documents their complex history from prehistory to modern times, explores the eternal fascination of these magical patterns and pathways and shows the diversity of labyrinths and mazes worldwide.

Hardback 1st edition published by Gaia Books, London, 2003. 224 pages with 400+ colour photographs and illustrations, maps and tables.
Now out of print.

Paperback 1st edition published in the USA by Lark Books, New York, 2003, 224 pages with 400+ colour photos & illustrations, maps and tables.
Now out of print.

I suggest you try Amazon.com or another online second-hand bookseller to see if you can locate a copy of this title - it's becoming increasingly difficult to find, the hardback edition in particular.

Labyrinth & Mazes in the 21st Century
by Jeff Saward

Magical Paths looks at the mythology, history, and evolution of mazes and labyrinths, as well as how today's artists and designers have created examples, in both public and private settings, that reflect the modern search for inner peace and entertainment. With more mazes and labyrinths being built than at any time in their history, this book conveys their visual excitement, power to challenge, and unique inspiration. An in-depth exploration that links mythology with new age beliefs, symbolism with art, and sacred sites with leisure areas, farms, and gardens. Illustrated with 120+ stunning photographs, it show the diversity of modern mazes and labyrinths, and provides inspiration and practical ideas for gardeners, artists and anyone interested in their potential for meditation and spirituality.

Hardback 1st edition published by Mitchell Beazley, London, 2002, 176 pages with 120+ colour illustrations. Now out of print.

Paperback edition published by Mitchell Beazley, London, 2008, 176 pages with 120+ colour illustrations is currently available from Amazon or other online booksellers and can be ordered at all good bookstores.

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