Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo : Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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Labyrinthos has an unrivalled collection of photographs of labyrinths and mazes from around the world, taken during Jeff’s travels over the last 30 or more years. We also have an extensive archive collection of old engravings, photographs and postcards, as well as artwork and line illustrations, and can produce plans and diagrams for specific projects on request.

If you would like to use any of our images on your website, in digital presentations, magazines, DVD’s, publications or books, etc., please respect our copyright and ask us for permission first. For details of reproduction fees and permission procedures, send us an e-mail with details of your planned usage and format requirements.

On the following pages you will find many beautiful and fascinating photographs, diagrams and images of labyrinths and mazes from around the world. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our collection.

Every summer we lead guided tours to some of these historic labyrinths and mazes, and other monuments along the way. Visit our tours pages for further details.

The following pages of images are now on-line:

Church & Cathedral Labyrinths - photos

Church & Cathedral Labyrinths - graphics

Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth - photos & plans

English Turf Labyrinths - photos

Modern European Labyrinths - photos

Modern American Labyrinths - photos

Native American Labyrinths - photos

Portable and Canvas Labyrinths - photos

Temporary Labyrinths - Cork 2005 - photos

Roman Labyrinths - photos and graphics

Prehistoric & Early Labyrinths - photos & graphics

Stone Labyrinths - photos

Scandinavian Church Labyrinths - photos & graphics

Historic Hedge Mazes - photos & graphics

Historic Hedge Mazes, USA - photos & graphics

Wooden Panel &  Mirror Mazes - photos & graphics

Historic Monuments & Landscapes - photos

And coming soon:

Turf Labyrinths - graphics

We have many more images in our photographic collection and image archive. If you have specific requirements, please ask the Librarian, if we don’t have the image you are looking for, we may well know who does!

Labyrinthos Photo Library

Detail of gesso panel,
Watts Chapel, Compton, England.

 Photo : Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos