Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo ©: Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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News & Updates

This page documents major updates and additions to this website. Please note: a major upgrade of this website is planned for late summer 2015, so much more will be happening then!

Jeff Saward, editor, Caerdroia

Saffron Walden Maze Festival 2016

Following the great success of the events held in 2011 & 2013, the third Saffron Walden Maze Festival will be held August 20th & 21st 2016. The charming Essex town of Saffron Walden in southeast England is famous for its historic turf labyrinth (created 1699) and beautifully restored Victorian hedge maze (planted 1840). To mark the 2013 Festival a new labyrinth was installed in the bandstand in Jubilee Gardens, and there is a rumour that another maze will be added to the town’s collection for the 2016 Festival! As always, a diverse range of maze and labyrinth related events are planned for the weekend and the editors of Caerdroia will surely be participating in the proceedings.

Visit www.saffronwaldenmaze festival.co.uk for the latest details.

New Edition of Caerdroia - 20/05/16

Caerdroia 45 has just been published. The new version of the Labyrinthos and Caerdroia website is progressing, but very slowly! Hopefully it will finally launch later this summer, so look for news of progress…

New Edition of Caerdroia - 26/05/15

Caerdroia 44 has just been published. A major update of this website is in the pipeline, and included in that revision will be the provision of online availability of Caerdroia in PDF format. Much planning to do in the meantime, but look back for news of progress…

New Edition of Caerdroia - 04/05/14

Caerdroia 43 is now available and printed copies of  Caerdroia 42 are also available, at long last.

New Edition of Caerdroia - 07/04/12

Caerdroia 41 is now available and contains details of the discovery of a number of late Iron Age labyrinth inscriptions in Galicia, the documented history of the Saffron Walden turf labyrinth, plus thoughts on matters labyrinthine from our contributors worldwide and our regular Notes & Queries section.

We have also added a number of new pages to the Caerdroia archive recently - articles from some of the out-of-print editions that still contain useful information and deserve to see the light of day again!

New Edition of Caerdroia - 30/04/11

Caerdroia 40 is now available and contains details of two remarkable new discoveries, one in France, the other in Italy, thoughts on matters labyrinthine, from our contributors worldwide and our regular Notes & Queries section.

New Edition of Caerdroia - 10/03/10

Caerdroia 39 is finally available and contains the usual eclectic mix of new discoveries, studies of specific labyrinths, thoughts on matters labyrinthine, from our contributors worldwide and the return of our regular Notes & Queries section. An appreciation of the life and work of the late Jørgen Thordrup also appears in this edition.

Chartres FAQ page added - 07/11/09

We are forever being asked to clarify some of the facts and figures concerning the famous pavement labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, France, to help distinguish the facts from the ‘myth-information.’ So to make things easier and provide a reliable source for this information, we have compiled a page of answers to the most frequently asked questions - Chartres Labyrinth FAQ’s.


New pages added to the website - 11/08/09

A number of new pages have been added to the Caerdroia Archive section, as I gradually go through old out-of-print editions of Caerdroia and scan and convert the more worthwhile articles to pages on the website.

New pages added to the website - 08/06/09

Several  new pages have been added to the introduction and archive sections and a number of typos and bugs found after last month’s launch have been fixed. More pages to come in the near future...

The new Labyrinthos & Caerdroia website is launched! - 14/05/09

Finally, after two years of deliberation, the point has arrived where the old Labyrinthos website can no longer be updated due to obsolete software. So, the new website has finally been completed and launched. Much of the material on the old website has been transferred, revamped and updated where necessary, and a number of new pages have been added. In the coming weeks and months further pages, currently under construction, will appear, so be sure to check back here for notification of the new items.

Take a look around the new website, and let me know if you find any glitches and bugs!

Jørgen Thordrup, 1926-2008  - 09/12/08

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Jørgen Thordrup on December 9, 2008, at the age of 82. For many years “our man in Denmark,” his contribution to the study of labyrinths and mazes over the last 30 or more years was truly remarkable. An appreciation of his life and work will appear in Caerdroia 39 in due course, but meanwhile we have added his article “A Life of Labyrinths” - originally published in 2005 in Caerdroia 35 - to the Caerdroia Archive pages in his memory.

And below, a few of the old news items from the previous version of this website, that still have working links or provide a timeline for the history of this website...

TLS Labyrinth Symposium - 2nd Labyrinth Society European region Gathering, May 2005.

Following the success of the 2002 Glastonbury event, the 2nd TLS European Regional Gathering will be held on 21 & 22 May 2005, at Woodgreen Village Hall (south of Salisbury and Stonehenge). Hosted by Sig & Karin Lonegren and Jeff & Kimberly Saward, on Saturday there will be speakers from all over Europe (lunch included), with an optional dinner on Saturday evening, and on Sunday a guided walk to the wonderful Breamore Mizmaze turf labyrinth, with picnic lunch provided and a visit to Breamore House and Countryside Museum all included in the ticket price.

World Wide Labyrinth Locator goes live! - 01/05/04

The new worldwide labyrinth database, jointly sponsored by The Labyrinth Society and Veriditas, and administered by the Labyrinthos webmaster, Jeff Saward, is now online. With over 900 labyrinth locations at launch, it is sure to become the premier source for finding labyrinths in your part of the world and features a convenient upload page, with facility to add a photograph, for you to add your local labyrinths, as well as a search engine to find them! Check it out when you visit our new labyrinth location guide now added to this site.

Labyrinthos Website Updated - 20/02/04

Stage II of the overhaul of the old Caerdroia & Labyrinthos website is now completed. Hopefully this will have removed most, if not all, of the bugs that were lurking as a result of the combination of the old Caerdroia site with the new pages for Labyrinthos.

Labyrinthos Photo Library now online - 10/10/03

Following many requests for a selection of images from the extensive Labyrinthos photo library and archives, we have finally put the first five pages of images online - turf labyrinths and church and cathedral labyrinths are the first to go up. Stone labyrinths and a selection of modern American examples will follow over the next few weeks, with Native American and Prehistoric & Roman labyrinths to follow in due course.

Labyrinths & Mazes - just published - 28/09/03

Well, it has taken over two years to produce, from start to finish, but finally both the USA and UK editions of Jeff Saward's new book "Labyrinth & Mazes" are now available. Published by Gaia in the UK and by Sterling in the USA, with 224 pages and over 400 colour photographs and illustrations of labyrinths and mazes, ancient and modern, from around the world, this is surely the most comprehensive and up-to-date historical survey of the subject.

Caerdroia website re-vamped - 25/07/03

After a hiatus of some two years with just minimal maintainance, the time has come to revise and relaunch the Caerdroia Website. Over the next couple of weeks a whole host of updates and new pages will be posted, including a new section for Labyrinthos. Further development of the Labyrinthos section and some additional items for the Caerdroia Archive section will go online during September.

Labyrinth 2000

Jean Dark has written a report on the conference that Labyrinthos hosted in Saffron Walden during the summer of 2000 - and Adam Warren has provided some photos taken on our splendid day of labyrinths. It may take a couple of minutes to download, but if you were there and still have fond memories, you may care to read the report.


Although a number of sites have given this website awards over the years, I have never felt it necessary to publicise them. However, I was pleased to receive an email from Ted Nelson, one of the founding fathers of the Internet (he coined the word 'hypertext' during his research) that simply said "Your 'Caerdroia' site is exceptionally elegant. Thanks." :-)

And Finally....

My thanks go to Adam Warren, who produced and maintained the original Caerdroia Website, from its founding in 1997 until he handed it over to me in 2000. Re-launched at the current Labyrinthos URL at that time, it underwent further revisions in 2003 and the latest incarnation, launched in 2009, continues Adam's good work, from way back in the early days of the Internet.