Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo ©: Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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General Lists

Labyrinths at Hospitals, Health Care Centres and Spas

A comprehensive list of labyrinths in health care locations throughout the USA, and elsewhere, provided by Robert Ferré


Pacific Zone

Labyrinths in Sonoma County, California

Provided by Lea Goode-Harris and the Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation.

Labyrinths in San Francisco, California

A photo essay by Jim Goldstein on labyrinths around San Francisco.

Labyrinths in the Bay Area, California

Labyrinths in and around San Francisco.

Southwest & Mountain Zone

Labyrinths in New Mexico

Provided by the Labyrinth Resource Group of Santa Fe.


Labyrinths in Minnesota

A comprehensive list on Jill Geoffrion’s website.

Labyrinths in Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota

Locations in the Twin Cities region, by David Schiesher.

Labyrinths in Illinois

An illustrated catalogue on Neal Harris’ Relax4life website.

Labyrinths in Illinois & Iowa

Locations in the Quad City region on the Labyrinths International website.

Labyrinths in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio

Provided by John Ridder and the Labyrinth Coalition.

East Coast

Labyrinths in New England - CT, ME, MA & NH

Provided by the Labyrinth Guild of New England.

Labyrinths in North Carolina

An extensive listing on the LiNC website maintained by Teresa LaVoy.

Labyrinths in New Jersey

Provided by the New Jersey Labyrinth Project.

Labyrinths in Alabama and the Southeast

An illustrated catalogue on Annette Reynolds’ website.

Labyrinths in Southeast Florida

A list of local labyrinths on the UUC of Florida website.


Labyrinths in and around Houston, Texas

Provided by the Houston Labyrinth Network.


Labyrinths in Ontario

An extensive listing on the the Labyrinth Community Network website.  

Labyrinths in Alberta

Provided on the Edmonton Labyrinth Society website.

Labyrinths in Manitoba

A short list of labyrinths in Manitoba.

If you maintain, or find, a website that provides further useful locational information, especially in regions not covered above, let me know and I will add the details to the listing.

Maze & Labyrinth Locations

Pavement labyrinth, c.1843,
St.Omer Cathedral, France

 Photo ©: Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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Maze & Labyrinth Location Guides

USA & Canada

Since the mid-1990’s there has been an explosion of interest in labyrinths in the United States and Canada, and a concomitant number of websites that list labyrinths in particular cities, states and regions. Some are catalogues in their own right, often provided by labyrinth enthusiasts and community groups, others are simply adjuncts to individual’s websites. While some overlap information with others, and some states and regions are not yet covered, the following list will hopefully prove helpful to find publicly available labyrinths across the USA and Canada...