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Maze & Labyrinth Locations

Looking to discover the whereabouts of your local maze or labyrinth, or checking to see which to visit on your travels? There are a number of websites that can help, some more comprehensive than others, and our listing of recommended sites below is a comprehensive "list of lists." Some of these links are to specific catalogues, others are to websites with information on labyrinths and mazes in their local area. I don't guarantee that you will find that elusive labyrinth in Outer Mongolia amongst these sites, but gradually the number of countries and regions covered is increasing. Let us know if you have details of another website to add to this list…


The Worldwide Labyrinth Locator - launched in 2004, this service, jointly operated by The Labyrinth Society and Veriditas, is certainly the most comprehensive online catalogue so far, with over 5300 labyrinths (and a few mazes) currently in the database and new locations added almost daily. A search engine and the facility to upload your own local labyrinths are also included.

Labyrinth Waymarking - Labyrinth Waymarking is a website for users to log the locations (and GPS coordinates) of labyrinths they have visited, currently over 200 examples are provided in Europe and the USA.

United Kingdom

Turf Labyrinths in England - Our own downloadable PDF guide to the historic turf mazes of England, with a map and visiting information.

Church & Cathedral Labyrinths in England - Our own guide to the historic labyrinths in churches, chapels and cathedrals in England, includes a map and visiting information.

Maize Maze Association - A trade association representing independent maize maze operators in the UK, has a website featuring details of maize mazes to visit in the UK.

Turf Labyrinths in the UK - Jo Edkins’ guide to turf labyrinths, ancient & modern.

The Hereford Labyrinth - a new labyrinth to be installed soon in Hereford - inspired by the Mappa Mundi labyrinth.


Historic Labyrinths in Ireland - Our own guide to the historic labyrinths, surviving or documented, in Ireland.

Labyrinths in Ireland - Tony Christie maintains an online catalogue of labyrinths in Ireland, links to their websites, etc.

Labyrinths & Mazes in the Netherlands - A very comprehensive guide compiled by the Stichting Doolhof en Labyrinth, with maps, photographs and links to obtain visiting details and much more besides. In Dutch language.

Labyrinths in Austria - Ilse Seifried has complied a splendid illustrated list of labyrinths in her native Austria, in German language.

Labyrinths in Tirol, Austria - Gernot Candolini’s catalogue of labyrinths in the Tirol region of Austria, also in German language, is another helpful guide.

Labyrinths & Mazes in Germany - Silke Wolf's excellent German language labyrinth website has an extensive catalogue with a map and many illustrations of labyrinths and mazes in Germany.

Labyrinths in Germany - Erwin Reissman’s website contains details of over 100 labyrinths he has visited in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. In English and German.

Labyrinths in Scandinavian Churches - Our own catalogue of mediaeval labyrinth wall and ceiling frescos in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Labyrinths of Gotland - Our illustrated guide to many of the beautiful labyrinths on this island in the Baltic Sea


Labyrinths at Hospitals, Health Care Centres and Spas - A simple list of labyrinths in health care locations throughout the USA, and elsewhere, provided by Robert Ferré.

Labyrinths across the US - An interactive map of public labyrinths throughout America, created by Warren Lynn.

Labyrinth Art, State Listings - Installations by Labyrinths in Stone, across the USA.  

Pacific Zone

Labyrinths in San Francisco, California - A photo essay by Jim Goldstein on labyrinths around San Francisco.

Labyrinths in the Bay Area, California - Labyrinths in and around San Francisco.

Labyrinths in Oregon - Various lists of labyrinths in Oregon, compiled by the Labyrinth Network Northeast group

Southwest & Mountain Zone

Labyrinths in Santa Fe, New Mexico - Provided by the Labyrinth Resource Group of Santa Fe.


Labyrinths in Illinois - An illustrated catalogue on Neal Harris’ Relax4life website.

Labyrinths in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio - Provided by John Ridder and the Labyrinth Coalition.

East Coast

Labyrinths in New England - CT, ME, MA & NH - Provided by the Labyrinth Guild of New England.

Labyrinths of New England - An interactive map provided by Dee Clark.


Labyrinths in Ontario - An extensive listing on the the Labyrinth Community Network website.  

Labyrinths in Alberta - Provided on the Edmonton Labyrinth Society website.

Labyrinths in Manitoba - A short list of labyrinths in Manitoba.

Labyrinths on Vancouver Island - Information on the 50+ labyrinths on Vancouver Island, Canada

Central & South America

Labyrinths in Costa Rica - A Google Maps page for the labyrinths of Costa Rica, created by Ronald Esquivel.

South Africa

Labyrinths in South Africa - Over 50 examples listed, with contact details and web sites where appropriate, in this valuable resource provided by Terry de Vries Nel.

Australia & New Zealand

Labyrinths and Mazes in New Zealand - An extensive of labyrinths and mazes in New Zealand with neat mapping.

Labyrinths in Australia - A catalogue of over 50 labyrinths in Australia, provided by Labyrinth Link Australia.

The following regions and countries will be added when we have details of suitable listings. Let us know if you find one in the meantime!

India, Asia & Far East

If you maintain, or find, a website that provides further useful location information, especially in regions not covered above, let us know and we will add the details to the listing.