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Editorial : Jeff Saward reviews this issue. Correction for page 48, Caerdroia 37

From Troy to Paris: Labyrinth Lore from an Easterly Outpost : John Kraft tracks down the location of von Baer’s 1838 visit to a labyrinth on Weir Island

Completing the Veneto Labyrinth : Richard Myers Shelton reconstructs the missing circuits of a labyrinth on a famous 16th century painting

A Switching Labyrinth : Sam McElhinney constructs a labyrinth with moving walls

Welcome to the Blind Alley! : Jørgen Rasmussen introduces his philosophical theory of labyrinths

The True Design of Sens : Richard Myers Shelton compares the two known designs of the Sens Cathedral labyrinth and asks which is correct?

An Unusual Papago Labyrinth : Jeff Saward describes an unusual “Man in the Maze” design variant from Arizona

A Catalogue of Historical Labyrinth Patterns : Andreas Frei describes the findings of his labyrinth design analysis project

Obituary : The life and work of Danish labyrinth researcher Jørgen Thordrup

Notes & Queries : a 16th century labyrinth jeton; news from Estonia; a mediaeval labyrinth at Cashel, Ireland; an underwater labyrinth in Lake Ladoga, Russia?

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Caerdroia 39 - the Journal of Mazes & Labyrinths

The 39th edition of Caerdroia contains the usual eclectic mix of new discoveries, studies of specific labyrinths, thoughts on matters labyrinthine, from our contributors worldwide and the return of our regular Notes & Queries section. An appreciation of the life and work of the late Jørgen Thordrup also appears in this edition.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 39 - December 2009

 - Contents -

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