Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo ©: Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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The 38th edition of Caerdroia is now available, and our annual production schedule returns to normal. Within its 64 pages are a study of pebble mosaic labyrinths situated at churches in north-east Spain, previously overlooked by labyrinth researchers; a new prehistoric labyrinth petroglyph discovery, also in Spain in the province of León and a study of the labyrinth artefacts and petroglyphs in the Southwest of the USA, long considered one of the most difficult group of labyrinths to explain.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 38

November 2008

- Contents -

Editorial : Jeff Saward reviews this issue

The Labores de Troya - Church Labyrinths in Northern Spain : Joseba Juaristi & Arantza Gogeascoechea catalogue and discuss a previously overlooked group of unusual pavement labyrinths in the region of Bizkaia, near Bilbao

Labyrinth Petroglyphs in Maragatería, Spain : Juan Carlos Campos discovers a new labyrinth petroglyph site in León

Two Unusual Labyrinthine Forms in Iberian Rock Art : Carlos Soreto looks at two curious designs on a rock in Portugal

The Labyrinth in the American Southwest : Jeff Saward debates the origins of the labyrinth in the Native American tradition, documents the petroglyph and artefact evidence and explains current usage of the labyrinth on native crafts

Labyrinths and Maypoles : Ole Jensen tells how maypole dances and labyrinths have been combined to good effect in Denmark since the late 1970's

Two Labyrinths Compared: What They Have in Common : Andreas Frei takes a look at two apparently different labyrinths in early manuscripts

The Labyrinth Society : Kimberly Lowelle Saward, TLS President, updates the news

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