Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo ©: Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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Caerdroia 32 features important pieces of research on two old chestnuts that have appeared in the pages of Caerdroia in the past - the New Harmony hedge maze in Indiana, USA, and the Rocky Valley labyrinth carvings in Cornwall, England. Both of these studies provide important answers to the questions that have been raised in the past and will clear up much of the confused information that is frequently given about these locations.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 32

October 2001

- Contents -

An Unusual Pima Labyrinth : Jeff Saward reports a unique "Man in the Maze" basket from Arizona

Southwestern Labyrinth Baskets : colour photos by Jeff Saward

Two Harmonist Labyrinths : two beautiful hand-coloured plans of these early hedge labyrinths from Harmony and Economy, Pennsylvania - courtesy of the Harmony Society Archives

The Harmonist Labyrinths : Lilan Laishley documents the first American hedge mazes - actually hedge labyrinths - in Pennsylvania and Indiana

The Rocky Valley Labyrinths : Abegael Saward reviews the theories and knowledge surrounding these mysterious rock engravings in Cornwall

Netherlands Mazes and Labyrinths : Fons Schaefers presents an up to date summary, catalogue and distribution map of the 50+ examples in his homeland

The Sens Labyrinth : Robert Ferré looks at a little mentioned cathedral labyrinth

A Scottish Turf Labyrinth : Trevor Allcott tells of an important new discovery

First Mazes of the New Millennium : Adrian Fisher reviews his latest maze building projects from around the world

Therapy Utilizing Finger Labyrinths : Neal Harris explains the process.

Exploring Labyrinths in Classrooms : Ronald Nelson documents his techniques

Labyrinth Reviews : six new labyrinth books reviewed

Notes & Queries : Gent Town Hall pavement labyrinth; a labyrinth in Sumatra; three artists working with labyrinths; a labyrinth party in Australia; an unusual portable labyrinth and forthcoming events, etc.

Three Notable Labyrinths : Gent Town Hall, Belgium, and Permatang Purba, Sumatra; colour photos by Jeff Saward and Jan Brouwer; painting by Mariano De Souza

Candlelit Labyrinths : colour photo by Jeff Saward and Jørgen Thordrup

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