Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo ©: Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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After some 20 years of editing and producing Caerdroia on a spare time and shoestring basis the time had now arrived for a more professional approach. Caerdroia is now produced by Labyrinthos, a new venture which will also provide a labyrinth resource centre, photo library and archive. My partner in this venture, Kimberly Lowelle, and myself are also starting an events and tour guide services, for both the independent pilgrim as well as those who prefer to be helped along the road. Our first event, Labyrinth 2000, forms the core of this edition.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 31

October 2000

- Contents -

Labyrinth 2000 : Summer conference report.

The Labyrinth 2000 Labyrinth : Helen Raphael Sand's canvas labyrinth - colour photo by Jeff Saward

Two Temporary Labyrinths : two splendid examples by Adrian Fisher and Jim Buchanan - colour photos by Colin Benwell and Andrea Jones

A New Labyrinth Millennium : Jeff Saward surveys the current labyrinth landscape

Jim Buchanan's Sand Labyrinth : Gerry Cambridge reports on a temporary artwork on Irvine Beach, Scotland

Castles and Paved Courtyards : Adrian Fisher reviews his recent projects

The First Labyrinths in Scandinavia : John Kraft reports on archaeology of the early Iron Age

A Swedish Labyrinth Database : Fiona Campbell details her research project

My Millennium Labyrinth Project : Helen Raphael Sands tells the story of her portable labyrinth pilgimage

The Labyrinth Revival in the USA : Helen Curry's conference presentation.

Restoring the Somerton Troy Maze : Alex Graham recounts the process

The Story of our Labyrinth : Lyn & Richard Bavin tell the story of a new labyrinth in New Zealand

Cadence Characterises Labyrinths : William Kuipers explains his calculations

Building the Labyrinth : Jane West introduces labyrinths to children in Fitzrovia

A Cretan Odyddey : John Bolwell travels to Crete to see the labyrinth

Labyrinth Reviews : the latest books, publications and products, including the new translation of Kern's Labyrinthe

Notes & Queries : the usual round up of stray pathways within the labyrinth: Wloclawek Cathedral labyrinth, Poland; Makaha labyrinth, Hawai'i; Darwin Maze, Ilkley, UK; new turf labyrinth in Upland, Indiana; Celtic Conundrum Maze, new labyrint discoveries in Italy, Syria and Turkey; Danish forest maze; labyrinth art etc.

Three Newly Discovered Labyrinths : colour photos by Helene Pühringer, Jeff Saward and Matthias Fuchs

Labyrinth, Fire and Ice : colour photo of Völudarhúsid, Iceland by Jeff Saward

Obituaries : Frithjof Hallman and Zeta Eastes

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