Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo ©: Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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This was the last edition of the 20th century, and marked the 20th year of production. Starting as little more than a photocopied, hand-written newsletter in 1980, Caerdroia has travelled a long and winding path since then and, as I hope long-term subscribers will agree, has developed into a valuable resource for maze and labyrinth recording and research, and an integral part of the current labyrinth renaissance.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 30

October 1999

- Contents -

The Naperville Labyrinth : a beautiful new labyrinth built by Marty Kermeen of Artistic Pavers (see Notes & Queries for details); colour photo: David J. Weinlader

The Volterra Lectern Labyrinth : Manuela Mastrigli reports on a stunning late 14th century labyrinth newly discovered in Northern Italy (including two colour photos)

A Labyrinth in the Centre of Rome : Manuela Mastrigli & Fulvio Pompili provide a full report on the Castel Sant’Angelo pavement labyrinth

The Oldest Labyrinth in Sardinia : David Singmaster goes in search of the elusive Luzzanas labyrinth — and finds it!

New Trends in Maze Design : Adrian Fisher reviews his recent projects

The Knossos Labyrinth Myth in Old Norse Mythology and Star Constellations? : Jan Bergstrom explores the parallels

The Bjorkskar Labyrinth : Johan Hultin applies modem technology to restoring a long overgrown stone labyrinth in his native Sweden

Thomas Kirke’s "Most Surprizing Labyrinth" : Richard Crossley discovers a lost block hedge maze in Yorkshire, England

A Purposeful Meander : M.A.Fraser considers the symbolism of meanders

Some Observations on Kids and Labyrinths : Alex Champion takes notes

Northern Mazes & the Solar Abduction Theory : a study by John Goulstone

Notes & Queries : the usual round up of stray pathways within the labyrinth - Prolonging the life of stone labyrinths; a 14th century labyrinth poem; The Naperville Labyrinth; Bhul Bualania, Lucknow; Dole Hedge Maze, Hawaii; Schönbrunn hedge maze, Austria; Innellan; labyrinth books and reviews; New mazes at Labyrinthia, Morville Hall, Painswick House; Finnish labyrinths; etc.

Labyrinthia & Doolhof : colour photos by Ole Jensen and Bea Verheul

Finland’s Finest Labyrinths : colour photos by Jeff Saward

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