Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo : Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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1996 was a busy year for Caerdroia, attending conferences and exhibitions in Sweden, Denmark and the USA. Reports on these events, and much more besides, in this edition, along with something new for Caerdroia - labyrinths in full colour!

The original edition has now sold out, but a reprint edition is still available.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 28

April 1997

- Contents -

The Turf Labyrinth, Saffron Walden : an unusual viewpoint colour photo by Jeff Saward

A Maze Enthusiast's Year : Penny Granger looks back over a year of maze visits

Onward with the Maze as an Art Form! : news of Adrian Fisher's latest maze projects and his prestigious An Amazing Art exhibition in Florida

A Labyrinth Mosaic at Mieza, Macedonia: a missing link : Staffan Lunden & John Kraft report on a recently excavated Roman mosaic labyrinth in Greece - possibly the earliest example yet, and a forerunner of later Roman design types

Mazes & Labyrinths in the Netherlands : Ton Nennie and Frank van Steenburgen catalogue their home country

A Turf Maze in Norwich, England : John Wall discovers the site of the only recorded example in the county of Norfolk

The Queens Medals : John Kraft describes 17th Swedish labyrinth medals

Labyrinthine Towns on the Gulf of Venice : Roberto Millazzi looks at the curious ground plans of two seaside towns in NE Italy

The Labyrinth in the Mediterranean - pt. II : part 2 of Staffan Lunden's study investigates the drawing techniques used for the earliest examples of the labyrinth symbol

A Labyrinth is a type of Maze : Alex Champion explains his reasoning and looks at their spiritual symbolism

Labyrinth Structures - four wails, back doors and some others : Tamar Lindsay shows how the more unusual simple labyrinth designs are constructed

Notes & Queries : the usual round up of stray pathways within the labyrinth:- the Labynnt exhibition in Sweden; labyrinths in Kulturby '96, Copenhagen; How old are the Troy names?; new mazes and labyrinths in Austria; Longleat House Labyrinths, progress report; a labyrinth installation in Sicily; labyrinth books and reviews; Labyrinth Letter 1996 Labyrinth Conference, etc.

Three Labyrinths in Action! : colour photos by Jeff Saward

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