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108 Ways to Use Labyrinths in Schools
Gael Hancock
Labyrinthos, Thundersley, England, 2004

An ideal introduction for labyrinth use in schools, with 108 suggested labyrinth-related activities for kids of all ages, with anecdotes and diagrams.

Mind-Boggling Mazes & Loopy Labyrinths
Prestel, Munich, London & New York, 2004.
Published in the Adventures in Art series for children, this 36 page full colour hardcover book contains a wealth of photos, diagrams, ideas and activities and some sound historical information besides. Fun and colourful, it's an ideal introduction for children of all ages, and ideal for school project work - grow your own mustard & cress maze - splendid stuff!

The Secret Path
Nick Butterworth
Harper Collins (Picture Lions), London, 1994.
A delightfully illustrated book for young children, telling how Percy the park keeper clipped his overgrown hedge maze by hand in a day (including topiary!!) and had a surprise at the centre. Contains a fold-out aerial view of the maze to solve. Good fun to read!

The Snow Maze
Jan Mark, illus. Jan Ormerod.
Walker Books, London, 1992.
An illustrated story for developing readers about a lonely boy who discovers a lost turf maze, a friend and his confidence. Excellent on many levels, and good for class discussions.

Rolf Heimann's Ultimaze Book
Rolf Heimann
Scholastic Publications, London, 1994.
Thirteen very different colourful mazes that delight the eye. Rolf Heimann has produced several other maze puzzle books including Amazing Mazes and Awesome Alpha Maze Book.

How Amazing
Charles Snape & Heather Scott
Cambridge University Press, England, 1992.

Informative children's book of maze puzzles, with historical background, games and puzzles.

Black Ships Before Troy
Rosemary Sutcliffe, illus. Alan Lee.
Frances Lincoln, London, 1993.

Splendidly illustrated re-telling of the story of the fall of Troy from the Illiad of Homer. Written with flair and historical accuracy, it is suitable for older children and adults alike! A companion volume, The "Wanderings of Odysseus", by the same publishers, 1995, re-tells the story of the Odyssey in the same style.

Children’s Books

Books suitable for children, that either contain a maze or labyrinth as a central theme in a story, various activity books and others that contain valuable information on the practical matter of constructing mazes and labyrinths, either for temporary or permanent use. The following are our favourites:

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