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Caerdroia 49
Forthcoming edition, publication due May 2020,
subscriptions now being taken.

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Caerdroia 48
Current edition: Sonnino labyrinth graffito, Italy; Sir Gawain and the Labyrinth; Peckover House hedge maze; stone labyrinth at Kämpersvik, Sweden; coastal labyrinths in the northern Baltic; stone labyrinths in the Saint Petersburg region of Russia; labyrinth mathematics; a Dutch Dool-Hoff broadsheet; wooden panel mazes in Java; In the Labyrinth art exhibit, London, etc. 60 pages.

Caerdroia 47
Christchurch, New Zealand labyrinth destroyed in the 2011 earthquakes; English turf labyrinth names; dissemination of Roman mosaic labyrinths; stone labyrinths in Arctic Russia; labyrinths on the coast of Southern Sweden; stone labyrinths of the Scilly Islands, England; QR code maze, China; swaying labyrinth installation, Mainz, Germany; Cocoraque Butte petroglyph, Arizona; labyrinth pictograph, Andhra Pradesh, India, etc. 60 pages.

Caerdroia 46
The Castillo de Petrer labyrinth graffito; early antiquarian records of labyrinths in Sweden; contextual relations of the coastal labyrinths of the Baltic Sea; a new labyrinth in Sweden; hidden treasures in “non-labyrinth” books; geometry of symmetric labyrinth designs; a maze garden in Taiwan; an unusual labyrinth design from India; Here be Lions maze in Veroli, Italy, etc. 56 pages.

Caerdroia 45
The Itchen Stoke labyrinth; doorways on labyrinths in on medieval manuscripts; Gustav Castan’s mirror maze patent; early medieval labyrinth designs; newly discovered labyrinths in Bologna, Belfast & India; a labyrinth design on a 19th century carpet, etc. 56 pages.

Caerdroia 44
A Transylvanian Wunderkeis; Minotaurs on medieval manuscripts; stone labyrinths in Finnmark & Arctic Russia; Jerusalem labyrinths; newly discovered labyrinths in India & Italy; new maze at ‘The Shining’ hotel; wall graffiti in Chartres Cathedral, etc. 60 pages.

Caerdroia 43
Labyrinths on needlework samplers; dating and function of stone labyrinths in Scandinavia and Arctic Russia; labyrinth and lo-shu; Bayeux labyrinth design; early ice mazes; commemorative medallions; new discoveries in Italy and India, etc. 56 pages.

Caerdroia 42
Alatri labyrinth fresco restored; labyrinthine designs on Babylonian tablets; Pont-Chevron labyrinth Roman mosaic; Amazing Hamlet; St. Euverte labyrinth pavement, Orléans; hospice labyrinth in Ayr. 60 pages.

Caerdroia 41
Labyrinth inscriptions at Formigueiros, Galicia; Saffron Walden turf labyrinth; Visby Trojeborg folklore; Renaissance literary labyrinths; reduced Chartres designs; the mazes in The Shining, etc. 56 pages.

Caerdroia 40
Labyrinth graffiti in Chartres Cathedral; the Alatri labyrinth fresco; New Harmony hedge labyrinth restored; the importance of context; symmetrical labyrinth designs, etc. 56 pages.

Caerdroia 39
Von Baer’s stone labyrinths on Weir Island; reconstructing Veneto’s labyrinth; a switching labyrinth installation; the design of Sens; Papago baskets; labyrinth philosophy, etc. 56 pages.

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The following editions are now in limited supply - available by special order:

Caerdroia 38
Pebble pavement labyrinths in Spanish churches; petroglyphs in León and Portugal; native labyrinths in the American Southwest, etc. 64 pages - sorry, out of print - enquire about PDF version.

Caerdroia 37
The origins of mirror and wooden panel mazes; the occurrence of the word "labyrinth" on Linear B tablets; the symbolism of labyrinths placed in the Gothic cathedrals of France, etc. 60 pages -
 out of print - enquire about PDF version.

Caerdroia 36
Labyrinths in Southern India; how to solve a maze; mazes in mystery & detective novels, etc. 68 pages.

Caerdroia 35
25th anniversary edition: the maze and labyrinth revival; Tomba del Labirinto labyrinth in Sardinia, etc. 68 pages.

Caerdroia 34
Kaufbeuren Wunderkreis restored; the Palatine labyrinth mystery; new labyrinths & mazes worldwide, etc. 68 pages.

Caerdroia 33
New discovered labyrinths at Petra and Knidos; Barruera graffito, Spain; Is that a fact?; Caserta garden maze; Roman mosaics in Portugal; architectural labyrinths; new labyrinths in Estonia, etc
. 60 pages - out of print - enquire about PDF version.

Caerdroia 32
Pima baskets; Harmonist labyrinths; Rocky Valley carvings; Netherlands mazes & labyrinths; Sens & Scotland, etc. 68 pages.

Caerdroia 31
Labyrinth 2000 Conference proceedings; restoration of Somerton Troy Town; new discoveries, etc. 60 pages.

Caerdroia 30
Newly discovered labyrinths in Volterra & Rome; Tomba del Labirinto, Sardinia, etc. 68 pages.

Caerdroia 29
Mazes in Australia & NZ; Neolithic cave painting in Sicily; water mazes & more. Reprint edition. 72 pages.

Forthcoming edition - Caerdroia 49: £8 UK, €10 Europe, $15 USA.

Current edition - Caerdroia 48: £8 UK, €10 Europe, $15 USA.

Back issues - Caerdroia 39-47: £8 UK, €10 Europe, $15 USA, each edition.

Please note: all editions prior to Caerdroia 29 are now long out of print, but certain articles from these early editions are now available in the Caerdroia Archive section on this website. If there is a specific out-of-print article that interests you, ask the editor and he may well add it to the Archive!

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