Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo ©: Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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The Magic Labyrinth - from Caerdroia 19 (1986)

John Kraft reports on the magical usage of stone labyrinths in Scandinavia.

The Labyrinth as a Printer’s Device - from Caerdroia 21 (1987)

Ivor Winton looks at a series of printer’s logos from 15th & 16th century Italy.

Labyrinths in Pagan Sweden - from Caerdroia 21 (1987)

John Kraft documents stone labyrinths in Southern Sweden, associated with prehistoric sacred places.

Three Cowley Troytowns - from Caerdroia 22 (1989)

Damon Williams documents the three former turf labyrinths at Cowley, Oxfordshire.

My Father, W.H.Matthews - from Caerdroia 23 (1990)

Zeta Eastes recalls the life of her father, a pioneer of modern labyrinth studies and the author of the 1922 classic Mazes and Labyrinths - A General Account of their History and Development.

The Mizmaze at Leigh - from Caerdroia 23 (1990)

Katherine Barker traces the earliest reference to the now overgrown turf labyrinth at Leigh in Dorset, England.

Labyrinths in Estonia - from Caerdroia 23 (1990)

John Kraft and Urmas Selirand document the historical stone labyrinths recorded in the southeast Baltic.

Labyrinths in Nordic Churches - from Caerdroia 24 (1991)

John Kraft's original study of the labyrinths in Scandinavian churches, revised and updated by Jeff Saward (2005) with map, table of locations and catalogues of the individual labyrinths for each of the four Nordic countries where they are found.

The Babylonian Labyrinth - from Caerdroia 25 (1992)

Hans Lyngsgård describes a Babylonian clay tablet in the Vorderasistische Museum in Berlin, covered in labyrinthine drawings of liver conditions.

A Nepalese Labyrinth - from Caerdroia 26 (1994)

Staffan Lundén describes a little-known labyrinth legend from Nepal - the city of Scimangada.

The Ondavalli Labyrinth - from Caerdroia 26 (1994)

Paul Hyland goes in search of an Indian cave temple, and stumbles across a labyrinth.

Lichenometric Dating of Labyrinths on the Upper Norrland Coast - from Caerdroia 27 (1996)

Rabbe Sjöberg explains the techniques used to date over 40 stone labyrinths from the coast of Northern Sweden, and the interesting results obtained.

Stone Labyrinths in Arctic Norway - from Caerdroia 27 (1996)

Bjørnar Olsen provides an interpretation of the boulder labyrinths on the northernmost coastline of Europe.

The Rocky Valley Labyrinths - from Caerdroia 32 (2001)

Often claimed to date to the Bronze Age, Abegael Saward explains why it is likely that these enigmatic rock-carved labyrinths are much more recent.

The Harmonist Labyrinths - from Caerdroia 32 (2001)

Lilan Laishley documents the first American hedge mazes - actually hedge labyrinths - in Pennsylvania and Indiana.

A New Labyrinth Discovery at Petra - from Caerdroia 33 (2003)

Andrew Collins reports a previously unrecorded labyrinth inscription in Jordan.

A New Labyrinth at Knidos - from Caerdroia 33 (2003)

Staffan Lundén describes a newly discovered labyrinth inscription at Knidos, Turkey.

The Tomba del Labirinto, Luzzanas - from Caerdroia 35 (2005)

Jeff & Kimberly Saward go in search of this enigmatic underground labyrinth inscription in Sardinia.

A Life of Labyrinths - from Caerdroia 35 (2005)

Jørgen Thordrup, who died in December 2008, recounts his 60-year fascination.

The Origins of Mirror & Wooden Panel Mazes - from Caerdroia 37 (2008)

Jeff Saward explores the 19th century origins of these seemingly modern mazes.

The Renaissance of Mirror Mazes - from Caerdroia 37 (2008)

Adrian Fisher explains the modern fascination for mirror mazes.

A 16th Century Labyrinth Jeton - from Caerdroia 39 (2009)

Jeff Saward describes an unusual ‘coin’ decorated with a labyrinth, and the source of its design.

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Caerdroia Archive

Since it was first produced in 1980, Caerdroia has published a multitude of papers, articles and notes on many aspects of mazes and labyrinths - their history and distribution, usage and development as well as theoretical matters and news items. Much of the material in the earliest issues has long been superceded by later items, but a full listing of all the relevant items from Caerdroia 6 (the first edition to appear in magazine format) onwards is given in the Caerdroia Index section of this website.

The first 27 editions of Caerdroia are now out of print, and are unlikely to ever be reprinted. As we are regularly asked for photocopies of articles from these earlier, out of print editions, it would seem a good idea to start converting some of the frequently requested articles into pages that can be viewed online, to create an archive of some of these more interesting items.

It will be a gradual process - as and when we have time! But here are the articles so far archived for your perusal -  a selection from those out of print editions and a few important items from more recent editions.

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